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Every website needs a domain name. A domain name is your websites “online address”. It begins with “www” and ends with “” and no, it’s not very expensive.

If you’re new to websites then the world of hosting and servicing agreements can be one of the most confusing areas to approach. Web hosting is your “space” on the Internet, it allows your website to be shared to the world, also allowing to set up email accounts. Here at 1000pixel we can organise it all for you, so no need to worry how to do it, we can cover all the steps and keep you up to date with what we are doing. We charge a reasonable monthly fee.
If you are looking to update your website from time to time, but don’t know how or don’t want to do it yourself? We can assist you with this. We can organise a service agreement which can be combined with your monthly web hosting fees which will allow for a certain amount of updates per month/quater/year, depending what is agreed on.

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We can organise everything required to get your website and alive and ready to perform on the Internet. So there is no need to worry if you are daunting the process, we will inform you what is being done so you understand the steps involved.

We can help set up all your Internet needs:

  • Domain name(s)
  • Website hosting
  • Creating email addresses
  • Setting up your business emails on your own computer or smart phone
  • Creating email lists

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